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Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

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Perfect Filler - description

Fillers Perfect is Your Perfection Secret

      German Perfect Preparation is new subdermal Filler based on the hyaluronic acid. Preparation developed using the newest German technologies. That gives it using advantage, safety for an organism and duration effect.
      Innovative molecular bonding technology gives Perfect Fillers the special properties. In the synthesis process the hyaluronic acid molecular filaments are "sewn" together in a 3D-proections. Then forming the transversal twisted up molecules. Such molecular structure Perfect Filler makes it plastic and viscid simultaneous. Hyaluronic acid molecules durable connection allows to deep penetrate providing a stable and long-lasting effect.
      Perfect Preparation now is currently the most high-concentrated on maintenance hyaluronic acid. There are 25 mgs/ml. Such high concentration in the Filler composition prolongs an action even for patients at that activity of the hyaluronidaseis enhanceable enzyme.

      Preparation Action:

      Many of the visible aging manifestations caused by volume subcutaneous fat loss. The skin becomes dry and dull reduces its elasticity, wrinkles and folds.
Dermal Perfect Filler based on hyaluronic acid. The basic its advantage is active opposition to the skin aging. So, after introduction of Filler into the human body, the skin saturated with moisture, restoring firmness and elasticity. The external signs of aging become less visible and the face begins to look natural young and healthy.
      Also, Perfect preparation allows to get rid from even same deep folds and wrinkles. Also to improve the cheek-bones, nose, chin and cheeks. Lips form earlobes asymmetry and correct. It allows to design a face contour and oval, and to give the required volume in areas where there is soft tissue lack.
      Using the Perfect preparation makes it possible to get the aesthetic improvement persisting from 8 to 14 months after the procedure.

      Preparation Advantages:
  • The re-injection procedures possibility to the previous fillers complete degradation.
  • High-concentrated hyaluronic acid maintenance in 25 mgs/ml.
  • Uniform preparation distribution in the skin after injection.
  • Visible result immediately after the procedure.
  • A special preparation stability guarantees you a fast long-lasting effect from 8 to 14 months.
  • Compatibility with other medications containing hyaluronate acid.
  • Preparation is hypoallergic.

      Save youth in a natural way with Perfect Filler.

      Be careful! The injections intradermal implants carried out only by qualified experts in the aesthetic medicine or dermatology fields.

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